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135th PNM
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The three tier Permanent Negotiating Machinery (PNM) introduced in 1951 opened a channel of communication between the Administration and employees in the settlement of grievances. The machinery being held at important administrative levels namely, the Division, the Zones and the Railway Board, provided a much sought after opportunity for the employees to place their grievances, and seek their redressal. The PNM had all the hallmarks of a full-fledged negotiating machinery. After discussion with the Railway Board on matters of sufficient importance if there was no agreement, the matter could be referred to arbitration for an award by the Tribunal. Despite having all its merits the PNM is not a complete machinery since it would be open to the Government to accept, reject or modify the decision of the Tribunal.

For a decade since 1960, the NFIR spent considerable time and energy with Railway Board to improve upon the Permanent Negotiating Machinery Rules and make them more effective in achieving the objectives and succeeded in its task to a great extent. The NFIR also negotiated and secured two Tribunals under the PNM Rules, firstly the Sankar Saran Tribunal 1961 and second the Railway Labour Tribunal, 1969, popularly known as 'Justice Miabhoy Tribunal.'