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135th PNM
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NFIR Achievements
2007, July: NFIR demanded vide PNM item. No. 36/1998 for up gradation of Group ‘C’ to Group ‘B’ gazzetted in view of the heavy stagnation among the Sr.Supervisor Officials. The Issue was pursued vigorously. In a separate meeting held by CRB it was agreed in principle.

Against above Resolution benefits to RailwayMen:

CRB has announced in the G.Ms’ conference on 30.7.2007 that Board has agreed for 15% upgradation. In all categories 15% of Group ‘C’ posts will be upgraded to Group ‘B’ gazzetted (Orders are likely to be issued shortly)

2007, June: NFIR demanded in the PNM meeting for grant of compassionate appointment to the wards of Commission Bearers/Vendors who died prior to their absorption Railway Board agreed.

Against above Resolution benefits to RailwayMen:Railway Board have issued orders. Many families are availing these benefits.

2006, October:Consequent upon decision to go on indefinite General strike from 1.03.2006 on 20 point charter of Demands, major demand being “ Appointment of VI Central Pay Commission the Government held Negotiation with JCM (Staff Side) in which NFIR was one of the major constituent s and finally agreement on demand was reached.

Against above Resolution benefits to RailwayMen: VI Central Pay Commission was constituted on October5,2006
Issue related to preformed promotion to certain categories of Railway Employees was finalized
Agreed to appointment High Power Committee to review Duty Hours of Running Stage and other operational categories.
Agreed to consider counting casual labour services in full
Agreed to work out a formula in consulting with federation with the l federation for enhancing Incentive Bonus rates of Workshop employees in view of merger of D.A with pay

2006, June:Grant of compassionate appointment s to the ward of medically decategorised railway employees who seek voluntary retirement. NFIR‘s demand agreed by Railway Board.

Against above Resolution benefits to RailwayMen:Railway Board have issued order allowing compassionate appointment in Group’D’ posts. (Efforts on hand to secure liberalization of the extent condition)

2005, December:Achieved uniform and other accessories to Trackmen, Keymen, Mate and Patrole men.
Absorption of quasi administrative against Group’D’ vacancies
Extension of Health Care to retired Railway employees.
Engagement of Act Apprentice as substitute s in Group’D’.
Relaxation of Upper age limit for recruitment to Group’C’ and ‘D’ categories.

Against above Resolution benefits to RailwayMen:NFIR played pivot role before the committee of Executive Directors( Railway Board) for achieving uniform and other protective garments to Gangmen , Keymen, Mate and Patrolmen . They were provided jersey,Cambli/Overcoat ,raincoat, headgear,gloves,socks,luminescent vests( for safety category) etc.Besides uniform of half sleeves cotton orange shirts and trousers.

As a result of vigorous pursuance by NFIR , the Railway board revised the policy by waiving the condition of 3 years service as on 10.06.1997 i,e the persons who were working in the quasi administrative organization on 10.06.1997(without stipulation of 3 years condition) are eligible for employment in railway service .

Those railway employees who did not opt RELHS were extended opportunities of option 19 times . the large number of retired persons availed opportunities to opt RELHS .The opportunity of option is available till 31st Dec 2007.

As a result of vigorous pursuance by the NFIR , over 7000 Act Apprentices (most of them are award s of railway employees) got opportunities of employment in the railway service.

Due to ban on recruitment in Group’D’ services ,large number of persons , who crossed the upper age limit of 28years, got benefits of employment because efforts of NFIR to achieve relaxation of upper age limit in recruitment in Group ‘D’ from 28 to 33 years .

2004, November:Remedical examination of medically decategorised employees of A-2 medical classification with IOL. NFIR’s demand was agreed to.

Against above Resolution benefits to RailwayMen: Railway Board have issued orders which has resulted in medically decategorised staff securing restoration to their original posts.

2004, June:Induction of course completed Act Apprentice against Group ‘D’ vacancies on Indian Railways. NFIR consistently insisted upon the railway Ministry to engage them as substitute Grade ‘D’ staff. Railway Board have agreed to this.

Against above Resolution benefits to RailwayMen:Over 7000 courses completed Act Apprentice have so far been engaged in Group’D’ posts. Majority of these candidates (viz. Apprentice s) are wards of railway employees.