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The SCRE Sangh was formed in October, 1966, as a result of formation of south Central Railway. Since the, SCRES has been serving the cause of not only the workers but also the railway. The organisation was formed and led by Late Shri P.subbaramaiah and Late Shri P.Sreeramamurthy,as its president  and General secretary respectively.

There was slight  set back to the organisation   due to  internal dispute and litigations during the year 1968 and 1969.With  the settlement of disputes ,the SCRE Sangh has reemerged as strong Trade Union on South  Central Railway..Sangh has been conducting PNM and other formal meeting by and large regularly Majority of the issues  were settled through discussions. while pursuing its organisation al activities, the SCRE Sangh has also concentrated on  building the infrastructure  as part of its strategy. It has established permanent office building the infrastructure as part of its strategy .It has d established permanent office buildings at Kurnool Town and Dhone. The Sangh has also acquired over 2 acres of lands at the out-skirts of Hyderabad City for using it for the construction of Training Centre.

Sangh had played vital role before  the successive  Pay Commission on the pay scales  and allowances of staff.As on date,there are 122 branches of SCRE Sangh        spread over Secunderabad ,Hyderabad,Guntakal,Vijayawada,Guntur,Nanded and workshops  at different places.  The membership of the Sangh has risen substantially. During the 40 years of its  existences, the Sangh has conducted various formal activities at all levels successfully. Having  entered 40th Year of service, the SCRE Sangh  will be celebrating its Four Decade service by holding  Functions,seminars,Workshops,etc., involving  all sections of employees.  With the established machinery, combined with seasoned and experienced cadre, the SCRE Sangh would continue to lead the Railwaymen

With respect to South Central Railway Employees Sangh, it is mentioned that the formation of new zone, necessitated the formation of new organization with affiliation to NFIR and INTUC. And SCRES also participating jointly with ITF for the international activities and seminars. This became possible due to sustained efforts of erstwhile leaders of Central Railway Mazdoor Sangh and South Central Railway Sangh.

  • The achievements of the organisation is under the dynamic leadership of
    Mr.M. Raghavaiah,General secretary ,are enormous and Railwaymen themselves are aware of the man services being rendered to each and every category of employees.
  • Sangh have been conducting PNM and other formal meetings by and large regularly. Majority of the issues were settled through discussion.
  • Sangh has played vital role before the successive Pay Commission on the pay scales and allowances of the staff.
  • The number of individual and collective problems solved were innumerable and cannot be listed all the Achievement s were possible only due to the ardent faith in leadership and struggle and sacrifices of the Rank and File of the Organisation.
  • Their tireless work, earned the appreciation of one and all including administration.
  • The membership and collections have increased manifolds.
Now SCRES entered into 40th year of services the SCRE Sangh will be celebrating its four Decade Services by holding Functions, seminars,Workshops,etc..,involving all sections of employees .With the established machinery combined with seasoned and experienced cadre, the SCRE Sangh would continue to lead the Railway men on right path.